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Monday, November 27, 2006

interesting to read !

A lot of things happened in Malaysia since 1968.
The Penang Bridge was built .
The country's administration was moved from KL to a new town called Putrajaya.
The International Airport was moved from Subang to Sepang.
We have two national car makers,Proton and Perodua.
Our currency is called RM (Ringgit) not Malaysian Dollar.
In 1968 our population was 10 million,now its 24 million people.
Many foreign workers have been working here.
There are no English medium schools,all schools use Bahasa Malaysia as a medium.
English has only recently been introduced in Science and Maths subject.
The school teachers and government servants speak rotten English.
Even the universities use BM in their courses,our graduates dare not go overseas because of their inferior command of English.
The children of rich Malays and ministers go overseas for their education.
There is no integration among the races ,every race eyes the other with suspicion.
Even the Malays cannot get along with their own race,because the government leaders only help themselves,their family and cronies.
The simple kampong folk is still as poor as he was back in 1968.
There are many roads and highways and so many vehicles speeding .
Road deaths and accidents occur almost every day.
Its not safe to walk on the streets,there are snatch thieves,rapists.
Nobody is safe from these brutes.
The police do not patrol the streets,they just drive round in their patrol cars and block small cars and motor cyclists and threaten these poor people for bribes.
They woudnt dare haul up those driving expensive Mercs,BMWs , it culd be some big shot's son or wife.
Because of these kind of cops road bullies get away.
The air we are breathing today is not so fresh.
All the nice shady trees and hills are being cut to make more houses,more roads.
When those trees are burnt we get haze.
Although we have made impressive progress throuh the years after Merdeka,we still have to change our attitudes.
Like our PM said we have first class infrastructure but third class menatlity.

i copied this from pak shah blog hope he won't mind, i like this so i wanna share it with my friend.
thank you la, he is a good writer, he is.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What will happen to us??

Recently there is a lot of arguments and accusation regarding our national politics.
it is like what i expected once the media get more freedom on things to publish not like the era of Dr M where most of the news are filtered so many times that people only heard the good side of most of the story.
is this good for our country???
For short term the answer is yes but for long term the answer is no, why???
people cannot comment for things that they don't even know. means that there will never be any improvement in the long run malaysia will not progress fast enough to archieve 2020.
with the power that media possess now, it will sure cause trouble, most malaysian are still those who don't know how to think with their own brain and are too easy to be influence by people around them. they tend to believe rumours easily, eventhough the media did not publish rumours but when they publish some bad thing that people say without filtering it people will be angry and thinking what is the right of those people saying this and that and they will start arguing , but in the end of the day they did not realise that those people who are talking about all this bullshit are not actually those who control the country so who give a damm about what they said as long as our leader did not said that.

since he is a youth leader of umno for sure he will fight for the right of his races especially when they are having their own assembly. so do you give a damm to those people who sit inside a kopitiam and criticise about how the country should be run??
to me it is the same so who cares what they say in their own assembly as long as there is no violence toward us.

who care what the assembly man said. unless he really have the right to kick us out of our country. let him say whatever he wanted to it is just another brainless fellow talking cock like those who sit inside a kopitiam, everyone knows that in malaysia everything work both ways and i can said that everyone need everyone. it will be no good for neither of us if we do fight.

but it is still funny for somebody to said that mat rempit race illegally because they don have some place legal for them to race. so if they rape and rob like what already happened can we said that it is because we did not make it legal for them to rob and rape.

Nevermind, hope the police will not have to run into a masjid to hide anymore when they are attacked by the mat rempit 'again' (since it already happened twice).

La there is so many kind of people outside who like to make people's life miserable by saying bad things and i believe their mouth are the only weapon that they have. so if u are affected by what they said you are falling into their trap. the more that you can act like nothing happen the more pissed they will be.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bushes !

Bush lost control of the congress and senate !
well i don know about you but i am definately celebrating this.
i want peace ! but peace does not come with this word ' bush'

BUsh the only thing left is bushes.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What do the A-G mean??

WITH regard to the Certificate of Legal Practice examination, our Attorney-General seems to have missed the the point over the bone of contention ("No quota set on CLP passes, says A-G" — NST, Nov 2).

His remark implied that the majority of the grouses relating to the marking system being too stringent. How and where did he find those complaints? I have yet to read of any such complaints in our newspapers.

His reference to the fluctuating pass rate to prove the non-existence of a quota system is no less perplexing.

What was really meant was that the passing rates have remained within a bandwidth and not that the rates have stayed at a set figure.
He said that no professional examination in the world released examiner reports. Perhaps he doesn’t know that the University of London External LLB paper releases the examiners’ reports.

The A-G had also mentioned that there was no need to publish the examiner’s report since re-marking was part of the procedure. Re-marking only means that the paper went through two examiners and this in no way informs students as to where they went wrong.

He himself said re-marking was confined to those who scored between 35 and 39 marks. This year, the Legal Qualifying Board has seen it fit to increase the fee from "RM2,500 to RM4,000" One should also ask why the fee for referral students has been increased from RM350 per paper to RM500. Perhaps the board is jumping on the inflation bandwagon.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Try very hard !

feeling cold and dry, don want to leave my chair.
Tell me it is not true ! it is not.
Water from a river flowing down two stream at the same time.
can someone tell which one have more water?

Do not laugh, maybe you don know !
who is the victim?? hopefully not me or you.
Sunny day, blue sky and birds fying on the sky.
that is before the rain come hope it will never come.

Define pain, what is pain??
something i fear very fear!
It will gloom my sky no more blue sky.
change can i change???

La, jo, meow i miss the old days can i return, am i permitted to do so???
i don want to move forward, i am tired.................................
Do anyone even care????
i am tired,

bloody exam just ended !

It is not advisable for anyone of you to go for exam in a far place, it will cause you more nervous and more stess, why???
Its very simple u have to sleep in a bed which is not even belong to you and you can imagine you already have severe sleepless night due to streaa and now you have to sleep in a unfamiliar places. This is from my recent experience for having UOL exam in KL.

Anyway the exam have ended and do enjoy that few days after exam in KL with si han.
Now i have come back to penang and guess have to face new challenges soon.
Don know what will happen to my exam but i guess i have tried as hard as possible for a 2 months preparation. hope it is worthy.
Now i leave it to god to decide.

what la happen to my tagboard, i also don know what happen but i know it is no longer usable so i deleted it, sorry ! for those who like to use it. i will find a way for you people to tag soon no worries.

Thank you for all my visitor ! my Blog just reach the 1st 1001 reader i don know who is the 1001 but if i know i will give you a mystery present. hahahaha

Ma hai for your information haven go back to kemayan yet. cause don know what my result will turn out.
but i do hope that it is fine.

Thanx Joel for all your help, lara thanx for accompanying me going through this exam even you are in LONdon i do know that you are taking the exam with me. For the rest who took the exam with me i wish you 'good luck' and 'all the best' .
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