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Friday, March 31, 2006


what is the function of the sbc??? actually i wanted to start a club when i just started in kemayan. but after thinking all the pros and cons, its stupid to start a club if there is no support from the student right???
however i don know where this idiot jump out and suggest to the school that we need a club. and the school actually started 2 clubs at once, 1 died, 1 surviving.the one who suggest earned a place as the president but later on left because of his important exam, so why u even start if u cannot even work it out you idiot.
nvm than i don even remember how i was chosed to became the representative of the llb programme so i was sucked into the committee. i thought it will be ok if we can help the student since this club is formed for their benefit right???? however it is sad that out student rather stay at home than to join the activities. why??? very simple! actually the activity is for the sake of the club to show that we actually done our job. so what is the whole point of the activity. in the end of the day i don even know why we have all the activity. it is to show to the college that sbc's committee have done their work or the benefits of the student??

if it is for the benefits of the student why do we have to force them to join the activity that they don even want to. some activity are expensive to them they cannot afford it why can't we just let it be, don you guys understand what is sbc all about???? it is to fight for the student's right and help the student, not forcing them to join any meaningless activity. why don we just encourage them and try not to push them too hard.

what is the point of having sbc if the student is terrified with sbc, because all sbc ask from you is money, money, money !
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