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Monday, October 03, 2005

Yalatu !

yalatu, i know la my brother have been send back to Ipoh. no more penang, good bye penang. so bad so sad, but he will still come for saturday class, so ok la, fair la, since so many stuff have happenned.

can someone give him a break, i think now he need time to settle himself down. as for myself. is it like Kevin said i always worry for other people, is it time for me to worry for myself???
i think it is. but i still care for everyone but there is not much i can do already.

Jo take good care of yourself, there must be a chance in the future for all of us to stick together until we are bored with each other. hahahaha. but i think we all have to work through our intermediat as for now.

and i will start to pay attention on my assignment and study stuff. i think all of us have to,
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