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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

bloody exam just ended !

It is not advisable for anyone of you to go for exam in a far place, it will cause you more nervous and more stess, why???
Its very simple u have to sleep in a bed which is not even belong to you and you can imagine you already have severe sleepless night due to streaa and now you have to sleep in a unfamiliar places. This is from my recent experience for having UOL exam in KL.

Anyway the exam have ended and do enjoy that few days after exam in KL with si han.
Now i have come back to penang and guess have to face new challenges soon.
Don know what will happen to my exam but i guess i have tried as hard as possible for a 2 months preparation. hope it is worthy.
Now i leave it to god to decide.

what la happen to my tagboard, i also don know what happen but i know it is no longer usable so i deleted it, sorry ! for those who like to use it. i will find a way for you people to tag soon no worries.

Thank you for all my visitor ! my Blog just reach the 1st 1001 reader i don know who is the 1001 but if i know i will give you a mystery present. hahahaha

Ma hai for your information haven go back to kemayan yet. cause don know what my result will turn out.
but i do hope that it is fine.

Thanx Joel for all your help, lara thanx for accompanying me going through this exam even you are in LONdon i do know that you are taking the exam with me. For the rest who took the exam with me i wish you 'good luck' and 'all the best' .


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