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Friday, April 07, 2006


i just celebrated her birthday with she, she is the girl that i have knew for 6 yrs, a not very hot but very smart girl, i fall for her first moment i saw her in form 2 but was rejected by her, we eventually became friend. i keep my love to her deep inside my heart for a very long time and go on with my life, i was so sad when she was hurted by this dick head who she was so into.
that was when i am still in form 5, i was by her side everynight her tears roll down her cheeks.
after form5 due to some reason i don't really dare to see her anymore.

i thought that would be the end of the story between me and she, than in inter i fall for another girl again that is the girl who hurted me the most and leave me just after i knew her for 3 weeks.
well now i think due to god pityness on me, i get the chance to get back with the cutie pie who i keep inside my heart for quite a long time. so i hope to get everyone's bleessing.

sorry to hurt those girl who fall for me, cause i am no longer available, sorry again. perasan betul kan??? hehehe
love rocks !
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