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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unbelievable !

I have been a strong Barisan Nasional supporter since Dr M's times. i too respect pak lah and still supporting barisan after Dr M. but guess all my support to BN will come to an end today. i beleive its time to abolish ISA. even though i use to support that it can help keep malaysia a more peaceful place.

Because today it have come to a time where ISA have been misused to put a reporter behind bars for a crime that have been commited by a umno member. i believe that the one who really try to cause racial dispute is the fat ugly guy and not this lady who have been detained.

i urge my friends, family and supporter to stop supporting the party that cannot differentiate between right and wrong, black and white.

i believe 916 if ever come true will not be a bad news anymore.
we do need a new government !


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