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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rainy days !

Been raining heavily outside, so many unexpected thing have happen lately. i always think that we are invulnerable, that we are above law and no one can touch us. until the call that could threaten us arrived and most who are involved in the case are caught.

Guess we are not so invulnerable after all. well you have to pay for what you do. that is the advise peter gave me. i have taken my position too seriously i guess.

well i think i should concentrate on my new found business more than others stuff.
my bro told me i have changed, i do not really take what i say seriously anymore.
i think growing up and gone through the process of meeting all sort of hypocrite could change a person, or maybe i am just trying to protect myself.

Hopefully this new business plan could help me make some money. and i could be myself again. is it that i am changing or people around me are.

Hope that sun will shine soon, and my darkness will turn bright.

for those who know the stories, don worry i am out of it. since i have not directly involved in the case. i am not that strong after all.


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