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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Run out of luck ?????

916 have passed, nothing is changed. well what could i say according to my numerical calculation Mr A is not destined to become a leader of a country, ya ya probably everyone will say this is because 916 nothing happen and i am trying to act smart.

Anyway the luck part is just an opening i have no intention to share his destiny with all of you either.
This is i think the reason behind why 916 did not happen.

This is what the 31 jumper tell Anwar: If pak lah promised to dissolve parliament when all of us changed our party than we will jump. if not we will deny all the way that we have intention to jump.

anwar: i will force him to surrender without disclosing all your name.

pak lah : hahaha do not be funny i will not dissove parliament no matter what happen.

31 mp : too bad anwar we cannot help.

anwar : ok we wait for 3 more years.

me : hahaha after 3 years of struggling all anwar supporter will be too tired to do anything anymore.

above is all speculation. and speculation means its my guess only,

I am scared of ISA too.


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