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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What do the A-G mean??

WITH regard to the Certificate of Legal Practice examination, our Attorney-General seems to have missed the the point over the bone of contention ("No quota set on CLP passes, says A-G" — NST, Nov 2).

His remark implied that the majority of the grouses relating to the marking system being too stringent. How and where did he find those complaints? I have yet to read of any such complaints in our newspapers.

His reference to the fluctuating pass rate to prove the non-existence of a quota system is no less perplexing.

What was really meant was that the passing rates have remained within a bandwidth and not that the rates have stayed at a set figure.
He said that no professional examination in the world released examiner reports. Perhaps he doesn’t know that the University of London External LLB paper releases the examiners’ reports.

The A-G had also mentioned that there was no need to publish the examiner’s report since re-marking was part of the procedure. Re-marking only means that the paper went through two examiners and this in no way informs students as to where they went wrong.

He himself said re-marking was confined to those who scored between 35 and 39 marks. This year, the Legal Qualifying Board has seen it fit to increase the fee from "RM2,500 to RM4,000" One should also ask why the fee for referral students has been increased from RM350 per paper to RM500. Perhaps the board is jumping on the inflation bandwagon.


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