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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

teoh ar teoh !

Teoh ar stop being a super control freak.
Ok i will try.

No you must stop being a control freak.
ok ok i will stop being one.

you are still young only going 21 right???

so you shouldn't control anyone's life and don't let anyone control you either.
do it have to be that way???

yes, you have your dream to persue and others also have their dream to persue.
oh ok so i should not comment on things that people do how they live their life,

you should live young cause everone only have one chance to be young.
Ok i will know what to do.

Do not infringe people's privacy and freedom anymore will ya????
i will i will.

you should improve yourself more on study, sports, relationship with friends and family etc.
ok ok i know i know, stop lecturing me.

i am not lecturing you i am only reminding you,
thanks, i will know what to do in the future.

give other people a chance to be young and also yourself.
now i am going to start.

Monday, January 22, 2007

don't ask !

do not ever ask me why i cannot let it go.
It is thy that cannot let it go.
do not ask how can this happen in the future.
it is thy that cause it.

mungkin nanti !

Friday, January 12, 2007

peeping tom !

there is a so called my ' sweetheart 'have been messing around with my tag board, if you wanted to catch my attention you already have. its actually ok with me. i worry it would only makes the guys that visit my blog jealous with me. so do whatever you wanted to do its fine with me.
i am the one having all the fun and you are just another peeping tom that moans and groans while looking at me fucking. i don really give a fuck. if you are a girl who want me so badly i am sorry cause i belonged to someone else and if you are a guy who are so lonely ask your mom to jerk you off ok??? good ideA??

come back to the movie that i watch 2 days ago, World Trade Center. it is to me a very nice movie that makes me think a lot. Actually does what sergeant Will did is right???? bringing his team in there???? and killed 3 of them. will he do the same if US encounter another terrorist attack???
the wtc attack have shown us how fragile human life is. So if we don spend our life doing the right thing that we have to do. we shall regret while sleeping in the coffin.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My 3 whishes !

My first wish is i can eat well !

My second wish is i can sleep well !

My third wish is i can smile always !

What is the point of having both fame and fortune but i cannot eat well, sleep well or cannot even smile?????
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