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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jalur Gemilang !

sigh ............hmmmmm my Jalur gemilang dropped off my car on the way to sihan's house, It was not my fault i remember sticking it tightly on my windscreen, hmmm yeah i am not going to mention my car speed on the highway but hey i thought the flag was made for car and isn't it suppose to sustain any car speed????

Anyway it doesn't seem to matter now, ya teoh's national car convoy to penang on 30th august have failed, main reason sihan reach here late at night, joel was in ipoh, chenfey is not interested and rajauda friend thought i am crazy or something, but i thought crazy thing can only be done when we are young and have the guts to draw attention right???? hehehe remember bro and sis the great old days that we use to do stupid things????

well class is going to start soon, i miss the old student lives of mine but i don't think things will be the same anymore, but hey we still have to look in front right??
well i guess now its all about study and that's all.

wondering am i going to pass the paper, hope god will help me. yesterday i went shopping with sihan and yes my national day is totally shopping day, i did not manage to get anything but sihan well she still manage to get some great deal and bought some shirts.

national day was like other ordinary day apart form the great sales in malls. i did not heard any one shoulting merdeka or singing negaraku, not supprise since we malaysia already celebrate the 50th merdeka so i guess its no longer a very special day to fellow malaysian.

isn't it nice if all the cinema will put some movie about patriotism in the cinema like leftednan Adnan and stuff like that???

Tanggal 31 bulan 8 lima puluh tujuh merdeka merdeka, hari yang mulia..........
hari yang pasti jadi sejarah
( Sudirman )
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