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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hero konon !

Sorry i am not prepared to post the second and third part for new challenges yet, cause i don want to provide infomation that i am still not very certain.

Before i started this entry, i need to confesses something, i USED to be Dr M's fans when i was younger, the one who dare to speak up for asian country against all the mega western country, he is the man and my hero. maklumlah i am quite a patriotic, and no i am not a hypocrite.

Well of course i started the rubbish up there because i have something to share after i visited i could say the 'most respected' blogger's blog in Malaysia. yup not other than (kononnya) cerdik.com. yes and he is talking about his successor turning down the marvelous railway project he planned for the rakyat. Below is all my speculation it may be fiction so please do not sue me or catch me under ISA. have you people wonder why malaysia would never start any good plan for public transport 10 or 20 years ago?????

i will let you know why. Ok imagine this one day ( please i know you need very good imagination to do this but please try ) you do not have to drive anymore, you only need to walk less than 5 minutes to the nearest bus station and wait less than 10 minutes before the bus arrive. than after 15 minutes journey and phew ! you reach the train station and after 10 minutes you are in your work place, Do you think there is such thing call national car congesting the traffic of Malaysia?????

I really do not believe the car company start with a letter P can survive till 2010 (and you really believe Mr hero will allow that???) if he would, he must be a crazy old guy.
because as i know there will be without a person with sound mind who want to buy a vihicle made from what so called 'tin milo'. and oh ya, do you people believe petro--- only make money exporting fuel to other country, hey believe me they do make a lot putting fuel into your car. ( no doubt primax 3 is a good fuel i am just trying to be fair ). so when there is no public transport good enough to provide comfortable and reasonable ride to the public. you will have to get your own transport. If you cannot afford imported car.(not very good quality also, cause mostly are re-conditioned car) you can get a brand new 'kereta tin milo' with the price you can afford ( not really cheap also la and usually you pay for what you are not supposed to get) if you want to know how and why you pay too much for that car, email me teohsf@gmail.com i will let you know why. and basically because you are force to buy the car like everyone else the car company would not improve cause everyone is forced to buy the car.

And the real reason if again i speculated correctly why the train is not built is because there aren't any buses to get you to the nearest train station yet so basically you can either park your car in the station and take the train to work (trust me they would not let you get free car park), get someone to send you there or take a taxi there. so if you have a not so nice own vihicle and the petrol price is not as high as now, tell me honestly are you going to use the train. and if you are not going to use it do you believe those people around you are going to use that??????
unless Mr hero bin cerdik can know that the price for petrol can reach up to RM 2.70 per litre in back in 2004, god knows why is he planning for the built the double railway before preparing the bus to get people to the train station. (prbably just for him to take his grand children to visit around city)

It is in Uncle lah's period i can see all the rapid buses flowing around the town
( oh ya that day i even saw there is rapid buses in balik pulau). can Mr hero bin cerdik tell me that its actually his plan to have all the rapid bus to flow around nowadays ???? if he cannot , hey man when you have nothing to do why don't give some to your grand children la.
because i am worried that you cannot find a suitable pyjamas to go to the pyjamas party for bloggers by nuff nang like what kenny sia put you in before. you cannot go to a club with sarong only i think.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Era = New Challenges ! ( part one )

OK before i start to discuss about new challenges, let's talk about new Era.
Era = (a period of time, usually in history, that is different from other periods because of particular characteristic or events) definition of era in a dictionary.

I have had seen enough people who cannot accept changes yet they tell me we need changes, change of government, change of politic party. yaya i know all of you supported different politic party for the previos election and "ya right" they will bring "changes".

BUT nononononono, come on guys. don you people notice that the government have changed since Mahathir steps down???????

No you don know that Pak Lah is the leader of a new era, the one who are bringing us facing challenges. most people still have not wake up from the 80's till 90's era.
the time where people can eat shark fin on top of their rice ( yui qi lou fan )era it have gone away 10 years ago, the era that you can easily make money from the share market. by just simply dumping money into unknown share , the era where you only need to work 8 hours a day without planning your future have also gone.

Now we talk about niche marketing, no more putting goodies on the shelves and pray that people will take it down from the shelves and pay, 80/20 percent theory have gone. all the leading corporate seller like amazon,ebay etc have a 'long tail' sales record. because they provide more choices for people to choose and provide chances for people to have different taste.

ok no i don want to start a economic class here. the only reason i mention the above is to show that a lot of people still don know that the challenges that we are going to face.

Oh my god what are we going to do??? what are weeee going to do?? sure die liao la. so how??? we demonstrate, we go for rally, we protest. we scold the government (BN bodoh etc), we blame pak lah.
to me the only fault that pak lah did is should have let the people grown up earlier
wake them up from the sweet dreams. so that they will learn to accomodate themselve in such tough era. let them feel the tense. find a way out themselve.

changes ???? we need to start from ourselve. Pak lah is leading the way. he have opened a lot of doors for us. trust me, i always believe that some of our old leader will not let you have the smallest protest or issue discussion regarding goverment implementation or policy(if he is still standing he won give u the slightest chance). we have the chance to discuss and find out the truth now. previously we don even know what is happening in our own country and don mention about the truth. everything can be covered up nicely ( you won even know if there are only 10 bucks left in the reserve).

A lot of us was bring into believe that our leader are weak, hahaha. so who said that or who started it???? the opposition party i guess. " just guessing ". and ya i think PAk lah is weak by allowing them to say so. giving them chances to narrow the truth. what what what???? walau eh ya anwar can lower the fuel hike even it is 200 dollar per barrel. Mr obama i am not intending to laugh at you. but hey man you lose to Mr Anwar of a country in asia wei. do you dare to promise your people that they will always have cheap fuel no matter how the fuel hike if they choose you as the president????? i am sure you don ( because i know you still have a sound mind) . and ya before i forget to share with you people trust me Mr obama is a smart ass, its not easy to make white people salute you when you are not one of them and it is almost impossible to avoid racist in US. Dr martin Luther King failed to do that 30 years ago.

So what is your plan Mr anwar???? use out all the government reserve for the fuel, hmmm let me guess than ask someone close to keep all the fuel up, either a oil tanker on the sea so that no one know it belong to you. than sell it out when malaysia can no longer supress the fuel hike??? oh ya than you maybe as rich as Robert kwok. let me suggest you something, why don you stop the fuel hike now than i promise you i will give you my vote as the new malaysia leader. can?????

Wake up Malaysian, we have a war to fight but now we are starting a battle with our government .

(there will be part 2 and 3 coming soon)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

loser, double loser !

Have started to lost my purpose of living, i have fucked up my exam, 3 month of preparation went down the drain because i break down on the middle of my contract paper.

i give up my contract paper, cannot continue to write, i was so freaked out in the exam hall. i cannot stand the pressure anymore, i have to run away from the hall before i gone mad, so basically that is what i do. i just cannot continue.
well this is my turning point. i really don know whether i should repeat my law courses.

i have lost hope, passion and the most important my respect toward the job as lawyer.
can i still take law???????

wondering am i smart enough to handle this courses, or i am just a loser due to surrounding circumstances, just like the malaysia's government a loser who fail to combat the increase of price of fuel due to surrounding circumstances. i guess Pak Lah is as miserable as i do. because sometimes things just get out of our control and you just don know the best way to handle it without causing collateral damage.

i think i really need a break, i just haven recover from the miserable feeling, i just feel that its hard to breath sometimes, trying hard to keep myself busy. people say when you are busy you just won have the time to worry. so busy is my way out for now. until i can figure everything out and make a decision.

sorry to everyone who have put such high hope and faith on me. i have let you people down. i cannot answer to myself for the things neither.

For that guy who i have whacked, sorry, i do not mean to harm you, but you shouldn't challenge me on the first place. cause i won be hestitating to fight if i have to .

Saturday, June 07, 2008

update !

have been ages since the last time i sign in this account.

did anyone miss me???
i hope someone does.

will be sharing stuff with u all soon.
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