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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What is wrong out there???

Everyone now is talking about the senior lawyer VK Linggam phone conversation with the 'maybe' datuk Ahmad Fairuz. And now the Malaysia Judiciary system have big problem. Malaysian are funny people la sometimes. don the judiciary system have problem before this video was published????

But since now its already are, and the 'major' problem of the judiciary system is about the chief of justice. ok ya maybe Vk linggam did try to use his connection to push his friend up there by asking people beside PM to promote him as the CJ. Wow ! "BIG DEAL". for all of your information if no one did realise this. the PM do not go to court every other day to see who is best fit to be the CJ. so what is wrong if a experieced lawyer try to use his way to suggest that his friend who are not any dick and tom on the street. but someone who already have the status, experience and able to handle this post to be the CJ.so what is wrong with the PM appointing him if the Pm think the same as Vk????? In the end of the day its not the government who make you the resident of malaysia but its you people who make them the government. If you people really think that there are some other people who can do a better job than go ahead choose them in the upcoming election.

hmmmmmm, guess malaysian will still be malaysian. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin to everyone.
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