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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

teoh ar teoh !

Teoh ar stop being a super control freak.
Ok i will try.

No you must stop being a control freak.
ok ok i will stop being one.

you are still young only going 21 right???

so you shouldn't control anyone's life and don't let anyone control you either.
do it have to be that way???

yes, you have your dream to persue and others also have their dream to persue.
oh ok so i should not comment on things that people do how they live their life,

you should live young cause everone only have one chance to be young.
Ok i will know what to do.

Do not infringe people's privacy and freedom anymore will ya????
i will i will.

you should improve yourself more on study, sports, relationship with friends and family etc.
ok ok i know i know, stop lecturing me.

i am not lecturing you i am only reminding you,
thanks, i will know what to do in the future.

give other people a chance to be young and also yourself.
now i am going to start.


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