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Monday, August 28, 2006

Stop waiting !

Have been blogging so much on sh recently, sure a lot of cursing started since i make as if my gf is my whole life and my friend don seem to be important anymore.
Hey no la i still miss all of you, its just not much hanging out with u people cause me lost track of what happening to all of you.

I am having this job as a project supervisor in penang for a sampling company ,if you are wondering what is a sampling company it is a company who help major company like nescafe do sampling in supermarket.(and ya never shopping this much before since i always have to travel to all supermarket at my area) This is the first time i do this kind of job, and ya i know i did it again a job that have no relevant to my life or past experience before.
but as you all know i like to try new things.

THx to mei ying who introduce me to that company, but very tensiao la on the 1st day i am so lost and tensed, time is tickling and i cannot get people to work, and lorry sending supply to me late. it is a total disaster. well i think living like this 10 days i will sure die without doubt.
la,jo and the rest that i din mention hope all of u are in great shape.

OH for all of you who don understand the title stop waiting, i was just telling my friend that i am updating myself so no need to wait anymore.


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