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Monday, September 18, 2006

Well not much of a change !

OK i have good reason to blog less.
i am struggling with my study now, its true, master Joel send me text on what to read almost everyday and i am trying very hard to finish everything in time.
hey i have to be damm well prepared this time , no more chance to play the full or push my luck.

don ask why i already paid RM 3177.50, we it either live or die this time.
namo amitabha hope pu sa will help me and give me better energy and memory to finish everything and memorize them. i don want to freak out in exam hall.

Fey i know you are in good condition so keep it up. i will definately pray for u and u have all my support, Joel i found that even me and sh are apart but believe or not spiritually we are getting closer so not much to worry, its a very good chance to let u learn to treasure what u have.
Hey i am here with u mar, give her a big suprise and unforgettable memory on christmas ok??
La hope u are in good condition ! we miss u.

that's all, i hope after exam i will feel good because i have done ok. i must study hard !


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