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Monday, October 09, 2006

Do not win a fight lost a war !

My point of view in dealing with problem in life !
han have problem with her room-mate recently struggling to solve the problem, well there is a lot of inconsiderate people in life i guess, Can i call them selfish or careless is more suitable.
well this is out of my point.

Si han say its hard to talk to her since she ' don like ' her, but hey its impossible to solve a problem without comunicating right???? but still she is fear of offending her.
well it is quite scary though if that girl is offended since we must understand that she sleep in the same room as han did, can you imagine if she burnt my darling's hair when ling is asleep??

But hey sometimes in life we cannot always step back, because we are letting those idiots feel that they are getting bigger and bigger and nothing can stop them.
So you people must be wondering am i asking you to put a fight to all these people???
hell no if you wanna live till age of 60. hahahahha
so how to solve???
simple ! create a Win-Win solution. means????
it means that think of the best way that both of you can accept and both party have to gain some and lose some so both will feel happy and not offended. ( since both have to survive with each other presence right?? ) create rules and regulation and make sure everyone follow it.

Ok in situation where this person is stubborn or is as hard as a rock. what do we do???
simple don do anything yet. leave him/her to people like me, than they will know that society don allow people to do whaever they like whenever they like since there is some moral rules and country laws.
But hey this kind of people are very small in amount so no worries, my first suggestion as win-win solution shall be enough to keep you from letting people take advantages of you.

Well for those who back off for too many a time shall have to stand up now. but make sure you stand up smartly not blindly.
it is a new era where a government shall also be ruled by law and not by man.


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