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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Struck by porcupine !

I was struck on my back by porcupine spines recently , As a cat that live with tigers for so long, this is a new thingy for me. I am so badly injured, i think my heart was as badly injured as the famous crocodile hunter that just past away.

This animal that protect itself with its spines is always afraid of being attack by other animals so it try to attack with its spine whenever it can . well i afraid this time the victim is me the stupid cat who thought itself is a tiger and try to leave the forest is attacked by this 'big' porcupine.

Eventhough the injury is not fatal, but you cannot imagine the harm done, i will be afraid of porcupine for the rest of my life.

well if those who don't recognise porcupine i will upload its photo soon.
This is just an illustration, just a joke so all of my friend please don't and don't take this seriously especially ryan.
well fey is leaving to shanghai soon, i wish all the best to you and i will be right here waiting.

Today will be my 1st day to class that is just started.
Glad to get to hang out with joel they all again, hope this new year won't have as much issue as the previous one.
La all the best the airplane have deported i guess, well new experience is there waiting for you so enjoy it ok???


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