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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am a coward and i don't mind being one !

Its so unbelievable a girl feel guilty for dumping me 4 years ago want to compensate me by sleeping with me and she put it as a dare. hahaha
The conver start like this.

g: hi, wah always see you online hor??
me: ya
g: how is your honey???
me: i don call my dear honey. (MYOB)
g: oh like that ar??? why???? scared of remember me.
me : haha very funny
g: i am so sorry for hurting you last time for twice.
me: its the past.
g: how is your relationship with she??
me: superb since i treat my gf like princess and she treat me well too.
g: it is such a waste never let you kiss me last time.
me: hahaha very funny
g: well if you still have feeling for me now i dare you.
me: wow is it a dare???
me: Too bad i have stop become a hero for a long time edi.
g: well i still owe you once.
me: ok so lets just keep it that way, its bettter than if i owed you.
me: anyway i am kind of tired now. so tata.
( This is only an illustration for some fun don take this seriously )

Hey comeon its 4 years ago do she think that i was really so into her???
Oh my god man do i looked so dumb to jeopardize my relationship with my dearest to just enjoy the few minutes of fun with her???
Girl Save it for other dumb ass.

And ya of course i am a coward when it come to jeopardise my relationship with my darling.
i have become a hero too much of a time, what is wrong for being coward this time right???
plus after sh come into my life i have stop being a hero for quite some time already.
I am even afraid to pick up a 'fire'. But hey let's keep this as a secret i don want people to start bullying me now. i don want to become a hero other than to protect myself or my family including my brothers.

Darling i really love you. so don't worry i won't get trapped. unless trapped by you. hehehehe
ling coming back on this friday hahaha yeah yeah yeah.


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