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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finally results came out !

So i don know whether i am lucky or sui siao, cos i get to save 8 months to retake, however i will have to refer on 30 october.
that is damm scary, i am so freak out that the first thing i do is to call up JOEL to help me.

But after i work with the sampling company i learned a new thing from my boss, tension and pressurize myself is not a solution to my problem, i need a plan and stratergy to deal with the problem.

So i need all the help i can get and most of all i need to really spend time studying without any other disraction this time.

But well what is done is done, what had happen cannot change but the future can be change if we try harder. I don want to fail again. i don want people to be dissapointed with me.
I want people to cheer for me when i am success.

OK i know there are dozens of you are referring with me lets work this out together and to those of you who have to re-take the whole program, man i wanna you to know this, 'what you do now is what you are going to face in the future'. So think carefully what do you really want.
If you cannot understand what i say go study the book 7 habits by R Covey.

Wish all of you good luck and take good care of yourself.
No more worries and start planning.
thanks fey for helping me on tips to plan my study, and thanks to Joel who will try to help me as far as he can i know he will. La i know you are going through this with me thx for ur companion.

Well my war started now. > 5 4 3 2 1 >>>tetetetetetetetetete, boom boom, tetetetetetete boom boom boom . all of the lecturer in uk boom boom reload reload tettetetete


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