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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

1 st day.

Darling 1st day in college, i sent her by my self today, but after sent her i rush out sunway immediatly scared that my tears will burst out. knowing that have to leave her there by herself without any friends there its like thousand of needles nail into my heart.

but what can i do???? she have to grow up and be strong.
on my way back to penang i cry like i never do since don know when.

but what can i do ???? it will be harder for me to leave if i stay a few days more, she will be too depend on me.

what can i do??? Other than praying and hope for the best.

darling be strong, be strong !

Can anyone see that i am yelling???
can anyone notice that i am in pain????
her lap top is not prepared she is alone and i cannot chat with her.
somebody save me.


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