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Friday, August 11, 2006

smart or smarter ???

Recently news are often full of the picture of Khairy, due to he adviced his father-in-law that is pklh.
Everyone is making such a big deal out of it and to me its just a joke. why???
Answer is damm simple. what is wrong if MR khai is a smart guy and being able to give good idea on how to develope the country???
or everyone is expecting pklh 's daughter to get a dumb ass to become her husband so that he can just keep his mouth shut on everything and just concentrate on making children???
it is not wrong to have a smart guy as husband or as a son-in-law right???
But i think some politician want pklh to have some bunch of dumb ass behind him so that they are not able to provide beneficial idea and he will collapsed before the next election even started.
so this is bullshit.
The famous Trump once said : smart people are those people who will listen to smart advice.
don this saying too can be apply in Malaysia. or we rather choose to say we should think that we are the smartest and should only take our own idea as the best idea regardless of the truth of it.

And the almost famous blogger Mr OOI who make his hobby out of providing info on people's private business and life. Do you think that you will have a stake on ecm by buggering dato K???
tell you what Jeff, you can wait till next life. And ya send me your daughter's wedding invitation card so that i can put it on my blog and hope people will get interested with it. but hey jeff you are not that famous as a blogger so sorry if no one is interested.

Oh ya for viewer's information i post this up because i feel that all this is a very entertaining joke and hope all of you enjoy it as a joke.


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