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Monday, July 03, 2006

An end?? or a Start???

Joel is moving to KL??? meow may follow too, the best part ! my darling is going to Sunway in KL too. me???
i think i have to stay here to take care of my responsibility/other people's welfare.
Don't know why i feel that everything have come to an end after 2 yrs in kemayan,(i heard kemayan will end too) but i doubt it. anyway the most impportant part is i no longer have close friend here in local, and i feel that i am covered by blanket of loneliness.
I hope the end of being together will not totally end our friendship and memory will not be forgotten.
La ! sorry but i really think that the dinner is like a farewell dinner for all of us. do you think so too???
but i think it is a tremendous change for your life. and i am glad to believe that the change will be a good one. i am happy to be there to see it . hey enjoy the ceremony of once in a lifetime.
He is an angel that only belong to you, remember that always !
well i think there will be a change for me soon, and i hope it will be a good one.
An end for everyone and a start for all of us too.
in 2007 i will to have a reunion dinner with all of you. my family members !
this i want to give to all of you !

silently i came
just like silently i left
my sleeve will not steal any colour of the rainbow.
and hope it will add colour to some unperfect one !


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