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Monday, May 29, 2006

well exam near end !

1 more stupid paper to go, that is the contract, well life will still go on after exam, those who did badly like me, learn this lesson now at least its only inter. if you fck your self up in part1 or 2, than you are total fuckthup. those who took llb will understand what i said.
i learn my lesson through tears. trust me i really did.
sometimes i think it is not the time is not enuf but we just freak out if we make last minute preparation. everything is like so not organised and if we are still freaking out in the exam hall well i guess that will be the end of it, like me.

Joel some times it is about confidence and not about the preparation, its hard to go inside the hall prepared to get 40%. at least its difficult to me, kevin don give up, god bless you.
But i think at least i have learnt my lesson. and it is very expensive. don learn from me it is surely easier if we are prepared 2 month before the exam trust me, you will feel superb cause you can watch tv before exam just like MR JOEL did right???
and send this to everyone before the exam " go get your self drunk and take drugs as hard as you can so that you can't wake up to go for exam tomorrow" msg brought to you by tm net.

lara those memory is still there, we still have future to go. hope you enjoy your future life ride, and hope it don have to be that bumpy anymore. pray for you.
well i am still your friend right??? well i will think i am. M.Y you also take care, well someone will have to be be left out right??? its the fact of life. if u ppl understand.


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