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Friday, July 21, 2006

28 hours

Nop i am not going to tell you about the 24 hours series in tv,
i found that spending previous 28 hours with sh can keep me moving for the next 28 months,
eventhough i will miss her but still i will have to let go. 28 hours is enough for me to feel that she is in my heart for the next 28 months.
Well maybe i am not people who are too greedy.
I have been reading a book name 'square and circle'. its about how to control our life. learning how to let things go and think positively about everthing bad that can ever happen, and the author is keep on telling that nothing is worst than death and why do we have to be successful in life.
i hate myself for not trying to do my best in everything i did. it is a damm wrong mind set to think it is ok to just pass eventhough i can score. Do i just want to be alive or to live like a successful human.
Born without any handicap but still complaining that life is unfair and miserable.
i hope i am not too late to realise that i have been a loser for the previous 20 years.
I must archieve something in my life.


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