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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Beautiful Night !

Well i am glad to see my best friend finally found the happiness that only belong to her, i was invited to all three ceremony , the akad nikah held in her house where Mr A went through a hard time praying with the uztaz cause everything must be in correct pronunciation but hey it is not easy to get marry to the person u love right??? and hey you did make it .Than it was the small western party in Maya hotel which i was so touched and nearly cry when Uncle K tell us how she brought up Miss L , how much love he poured in and finally have to struggle to let go because her daughter found where she belong to. and finally the grand ceremony in penang. i brought han there to witness the wedding and hope to steal some idea for our wedding in the future. Orange and White is nice.

Well i too feel lost since my friend now is someone elses wife and i think she is not as free as last time to entertain us anymore, but other side of me is happy for her since there is so many couple who went through whole life of struggle and still cannot get on the red carpet.
But still everything is happening so fast and sudden and maybe i will have to take some time to settle down and recall what had happen and put it back all together again like uncle k .

This is so not my plan, i thought i will wait for her to come back to penang for holiday after exam and have some time with her to save our friendship which heppen to be injured due to some issue, But hey like she said she is leaving ! well i guess i the only thing i can do is try to attend to all the wedding dinner and witness Aiie took her hand and take her on the route to happiness.

Nevermind how we met, why we become close, inside my heart i always love you like my sister. i know there is some times i am not there when you needed me but hey you are in my heart always and i really wanted to be there when you needed me. but myself too went through some struggle which only known to myself.

You have a beautiful wedding and you have my blessings. you have grown up and you are now a wife and enjoy your life being one ok? Mrs Aiie.
And hey some day we will met again in some where, some time ok?


  • At 2:43 AM, Blogger triad member said…

    I'm glad to hear that ur friend is gettiing marry soon,and how about you my brother?i'm curious about the story surrounding u and ur fren man!sounds damn interesting...hope ur life will become simple and colourful with your darling,i'm waiting 4 ur red saman ok?but plz don give me a red pad or panties,i'll cook 2gether with satay sauce and serve us 2gether,jaja..and i've something 2 let u know.I'm doing something now and hope i can get enough capital to do something else.Wish me all the best ok?If not mistaken,i'll get marry in 2 years time...


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