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Monday, June 12, 2006

Will things get any better???

Most of them die in X-men 2. How come the professor is still alive???? nevermind, it does not even matter.
After working/sitting in the firm for half day, i learnt how to spell "bored". no work no nothing.
well well seriously don know where i am heading, everything seem well when it haven't started.

i am learning how to live a normal lives and sleep before12, Hardly get any call or message from anyone recently, everything seem so peaceful to me. well i guess i should learn how to relax more or maybe find a hobby.
can't believe a friend of mine is getting married soon, how it feel to make a new family??? nevermind i think i will have my chance to taste it in the future. but not so soon.
why do Dr M want to seek for trouble after relax for so long, i think he should learn how to relax and find a hobby or maybe learn how to sleep before 12. i don want to comment on that issue but i support my government. "No parliament bound a predecessor or bind a successor! "does it have the same effect for the prime minister??? i think we will find out soon enough.

got to go make myself a coffee and read some book now.


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