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Saturday, July 15, 2006

After all !

After all Lara is not really leaving, after all Joel is staying, after all i am not so lonely in the future, after all CY's life as described by our future judge MR J is worst than me. so i should be grateful after all. But hey you are in good hand CY, you cannot imagine how Joel will love you so don worry just fuck your family off if you have to or if they force you to. (Joel will have to pay them the money they spend on you for the previous 19 yrs though and i think he have no fcking problem handling that since our life is full of challenging things ever since we reach maturity)

well happy to know that, tell you ppl my newest trouble SH is going to Sunway in KL, yes it is the place where the expenses is high, food sucks, not a lot of friendly people and the best part i am not there to take care of her. i know she is independant, smart etc. but hey i still cannot stop worrying, i feel so insecure for her. plus all my friends telling me how sucks the hostel she is going to live in, how sucks the food is, how hard to travel around 'safely'. especially to come back to penang by taking bus in pudu raya.
hey life is sucks man, i hope i can be there to take care of her.
she keep telling me not to worry, everything shall be ok and the only thing i can do is hope for the best.

I hope she will be coming back often enough to let me hug her, love her and pamper her.
well i guess i will have to get over it after all.
the last thing like Joel said results is coming out and i am prepare to take PTPTN to reduce my mother's burden if i have to re-sit / re-take or whatever, high probability i will have to.
and i guess i must work more than twice as hard this time, well a bit relief because at least Joel is here to help me. i will be damm lost without Joel to guide me in my study whioch i am not good at. Welcome you to PENANG chang ying. you will love this place i promise.

heard that our public master Mr Ahmad is leaving, sad to hear that.


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