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Monday, November 26, 2007

A bit bored !

Teoh:Another monday, so bored ar.
teoh2 : find something to do tonite.
teoh: nothing to do la, all close friend bz with their gf, or not around. my darling
also bz with exam. i miss her so much.
teoh2: pity you lo. yala after whole day of work, go home but feel so empty.
teoh: ya la, so sian nothing can make me feel energetic at all.
teoh2 : where is Lara?????
teoh: she is in UK.
teoh2 : where is joel???
teoh: he is in KL bz with her gf.
teoh2: where is fery????
teoh: he is in shanghai don even miss me anymore.
teoh2: where is meow khoon???
teoh: he is in penang bz with his life.

teoh2: where is the rest????
teoh :they are all so bz or some i don even wanna see them.


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