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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back, i am Back.

oh my god my last blog entry was on march, don know why me and everybody else stop blogging, its so fun here, you get to write whatever you wanna write here. and the most undesired thing that will happen to you is just people will give you that " whatever........" look.

Ya i like to write despite my poor grammar, poor vocab, so?? who give a fuck, its my blog and i will write what i wanna write here, i would not care even the government wanna sue me, hahaha.

Tanggal 31 st bulan 8 , lima puluh tujuh, merdeka , merdeka merdeka.
glad that malaysia finanly get through 50 yrs of independence, let's hope for another 50 yrs, that is possible if our fellow malaysian are still united, and of course if the government did not screw up.
well ya its all about transparency again, of course we shall not forget corruption.
so does this all contribute to the collapse of a country?? if u ask me i don really think so. but if we lost unity no one will live in peace, please stop all this.

corruption have nothing to do with races ok??? transparency neither.
so why are we blaming the majority race in malaysia, fellow chinese ' malaysian '. stop all this, we already own a lot of things so sometimes let just keep one eye shut and you should concentrate more on how to make good use with what you have.

if there is still complain than i shall tell you this, we chinese are not in too many ways better than others, most of the illegal 4D boss is chinese, ah long is mostly chinese, the bapa lombong or 'pimp' in malaysia are chinese even the vcd seller are mostly chinese, did we not contribute negatively to this country????

stop all the complaints now, enjoy what we have and let me see us move in unity for another 50 yrs than that time when i am 71, i shall close my eyes and rest in peace.

hmm now back to my life nop i haven put up flag on my car, well the reason behind it is because if i do that i cannot wash my car by going over the drive through washing machine, hehehe, such a good reason.

La going back to UK soon, going to miss you, and Aiie i will keep a bottle of choya next year waiting for u to come back to share with me, god bless both of you getting closer everyday.

Mr j honeymoon just started, hehehe, don laugh. enjoy it u deserve and of course she is a girl that you don wanna lose also, take good care of her and love her and god will help you look after the rest.

well for me life is ok, si han is fine and we are still falling so much in love with each other but she always worry that i won't marry her in the end, hey ling don worry i will always love you, eventhough i am a guy and guy are not so reliable but still i will try my best to..............

fey fey hmmm wish u don have to go back penang so often so that we have more time to hang out together, i hated it when u go back to penang.hmmmmm, time flies and you are going back to shanghai again, going to miss you so much, i do listen to what you say always, just sometimes i don give you any response. i love all of you, for those that i did not mention due to the tiredness of my finger for this long entry, i appologize to you, there must be something wrong with my keyboard, my finger are tired man.

hahaha, ok everyone celebrate merdeka day with joy ok???


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