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Sunday, June 05, 2005

hey girl please be more loving and please don torture us !

hey please lar girls don do this to us it is very scarry.
ah kong...
guys.. dun use so much sh*it ways to hang up thegals call ar.. or else.. this might happen to u..dong.. it's midnight.. ah kong and ah lui talking onphone..
ah kong wanna sleep leh.. but the gf..geng!
Guy: sei loh.. abit sleepy tim..(everyday's word)
Gal: u wanna sleep d ar??(again?)
Guy: nolah.. what could be more important than u..i no talk to u whole day liao.. but feels like ages..miss u so much.. i love u (get some nice wordsfrom chicken soup book)
Gal: (happie).. lie lah.. ok lah.. sleepy tell me ok..
Guy: okok! we chat a while more ok..
Gal: ok!
Guy: aiyah.. very sh*it la.. ah beng ajak me goplay basketball tomoro 5am woh..(think of theearliest n most reasonable time).. so early.. dunocan wake up or not tim..
Gal: dun go loh then..(yesterday football, todaybasketball, tomoro sure baseball one lah)
Guy: (smack on the head.. sei lor.. y todaydifferent phrase geh..).. cannot.. not shud go ornot.. i scared tomoro no tenaga play ar.. need enufsleep ma..
Gal: then r.. sleep earli loh..(merajuking)
Guy: then u how r??
Gal: dun worry bout me.. u sleep la DARLING.. ok!goodnight..(talking vv sweet)Guy: goodnight(blessing)(my dream came true..now i can sleep peacefully)B4 ah kong can hang up.. he heard ah lui say..
Gal: I shall call ah joe to chit chat..(gals aso quitesmart leh)(ah joe is ah kong greatest enemy.. alsolike ah lui one)
Guy: (wat the F%^%$) for wut?
Gal: nothing la.. i boring ma.. u sleep so i call himchit chat loh.. so long no call him liao.. siu siuMISS HIM tim..(wahahahah)
Guy: (tiu, ham ka ling, cebai, farker) actually i notthat sleepy aso..
Gal: har?? not sleepy?? tomoro u got basketballgame with ah beng woh..(acting innocent)
Guy: (sounds abit angry)not important.. i chat witu.. u no nid call that MOTHER!
Gal: ooo.. ok loh then.. we chat sin loh.. whatwanna talk about?
Guy: [eyes going to close] anyting.. u like..
Gal: oh.. yesterday i go sunway pyramid.. i buythis padini skirt.. a green color shirt n bla bla bladen i got mid valley buy.... bla bla.. then i go KLCCbuy... bla bla.... offer ar..RM 300 plus oni..(600words)Guy: what! pasar malam aso got lah.. buy 1 free 5ar..[eyes closing]
Gals: cheh! AH JOE say pasar malam one notgood ar.. the quality cloth tak baik..(i noe u closingeyes d)
Guy: (ah joe again.. dun let me c him).. aiyah..then u like loh..
Gal: then AH JOE say i wear the padini skirt verybeautiful woh..(wahaha)
Guy: (fully awake in great shock) WHEN HE C U?
Gal: just now loh.. in lot 10..
Guy: (ah diu.. get the fark outha here) y u go withhim one??
Gal: u aso duwan go with me.. yday u sleep.. AHJOE call me.. ajak me chut kai kai ma..
Guy: (feeling positionless in her heart).. i LOVE U..
Gal: thank you.. i sleepy loh..goodnight lah
Guy: (happie but angry n moodless) ooo.. ok la..goodnite..B4 CAN HANG UP..
Guy: i'll always love u..*toot toot toot toot*
Guy:(diu.. idiotic ah joe.. tomoro smack u with thebasket ball)Ah Lui sleep happily.. Being so evil.. Ah Kongkenot sleep.. thinking the gf will be dirampas AhJoe anytime.. not in peace.. aihz!wahahhahahaha


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